So I've been a little busy....

People like to say, "You never know where the world is going to take you.", and even though that has a nice - go with the flow - attitude about it, it's not really been my philosophy this year.  My wife and I are planning to leave the nightlife of New York City and move to the Pacific Northwest, where the sky gets dark at night.  So this summer, we did some research and mixed our future planning with a dash of present adventure and came up with a 3 city tour, 700+ mile bike tour down the Pacific Coast Highway!  Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco were the big three stops where we'd interview with folks in our industries, sample the local fare, and imagine life there for a while.  It was an amazing trip, and the region was great to us with it's hospitality and weather.  We got hooked by the relaxed pace of the Northwest, the beautiful environment, and the food, oh you would not believe how good the food was.

Wish you were here?

Wish you were here?


Since we've gotten back, the hunt has begun for work on the West Coast, but I've also started my NYC Nuke User Group (we have our first meeting on November 6th).  No matter how much longer I'm in the city, I'm excited to finally have a place to share skills and ideas, and meet other artists in the city.  


I know is might seem strange to start something when I just plan to leave, but I'm all about making the best of any situation I'm in.  Let's see where this take's me..... damn.  Didn't I just say something about that?

Dan Short

Freelance VFX artist / VFX Supervisor / Compositor