Teaching at NYU

Cool news - I'm teaching a class this semester at NYU called "Live Action CG Integration" with my friend Jake Slutsky.  It's a Masters level course that focuses on VFX Supervision and Compositing.  We are both very excited to share some things with the students including some of the photogrammetry work I've done with Jesse Speilman and VSFM!  Jake is going to cover the 3D side of Supervision and I can't wait to sit in on his classes and pick his juicy, juicy brain.  Jake has a cool workflow for photogrammetry using 123D Catch and getting the cameras from Mari.  From there he can bring them right into Nuke!  I can not wait to learn it.  Woo-hoo!  I love the future.

Dan Short

Freelance VFX artist / VFX Supervisor / Compositor